Why Should I Join?

The MIE Mentorship Program is a chance to connect with upper year students and gain valuable advice about everything from where to eat, to how to get a job. First year is a great transition from high school. Mentors can not only give you insight on surviving first year, but can also give you a glimpse of what higher years in Engineering are all about. You’ll also be grouped with other first years, so this is a great chance for you to meet new people and make friends!

What Events Does the Program Have Planned?

We are aiming to have 1-2 events planned for each month throughout the Skule year. The events will range from social to academic, and everyone is encouraged to come! We will also be having our annual MIE Coffee House in February in collaboration with Mech & Indy Club.

What is the Time Commitment for the Mentors & Mentees?

  • All Program members are encouraged to come out and participate in all events hosted by MIE Mentorship
  • Mentors & Mentees are encouraged to meet with one another 1-2 times a month

How Do I Join?

Mentor & Mentee registration have completed for the semester.

Can Mentees ask their Mentors for Academic Help?

Mentors are not expected to tutor or provide academic help. The mentorship program is aimed at providing support and guidance to first years regarding issues such as time management, work-life balance, stream choices, co-op opportunities etc. Eng Soc provides a list of tutors along with other peer-tutoring programs.

However, the MIE Mentorship Program will be providing members with an event each semester focused on Midterm Preparation and Studying. The events will be used to remind students of key resources and habits that are critical to exceling in academic life.

What If My Mentor is too busy during the Academic Year?

Let us know if things aren’t working out, and will accommodate by providing a new mentor! Email us at miementorship@skule.ca!